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Wellness Coaching

We believe healthy people foster better family and employment dynamics for a person’s overall well-being. When an employee, entrepreneur or business owner is not at their ultimate potential, their daily activities could be at risk of being parasitic and creating dissonance in both their personal lives and professional careers. Our goal at Mallory K, is to be a resource to rebalance any imbalances.


We model nature.


Nature works in symbiosis. It is musical, holographic and rhythmic. Each species instinctively knows how to cooperate and work together as a single unit.


Harmonic relationships lie at the core of our strategic models, as we mirror nature’s dynamics, unlocking boundless potential for people and planet.

Business marketing is synonymous with human emotions and mental wellbeing. These are not separate but indirectly connected. Thus, our decision to operate as a single organization grounded in two core fields of Professional Services and Holistic Wellness provides the opportunity to increase awareness of unconscious business processes.


We provide supportive wellness services aligned to assist a person in their journey towards improving their daily lifestyle as well as their professional development and career from a holistic perspective. Our offerings include wellness coaching, lifestyle assessments and empowerment and body & nutrition coaching.

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