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Choose Your Plan to Advance Your Journey to Next-Level Immunity

  • Copper Membership

    Perfect plan for refreshing your wellness knowledge
    Free Plan
    • Weekly mindfulness tips and monthly newsletters
    • Access to exclusive Wellness Reads and Business articles
  • Quartz Membership

    Every month
    Perfect plan for learning more about Next-Level Immunity
    • 35% Discount on First 1-Hr Consultation or Coaching Session
    • Access to the Wellness Community Network (WCN)
    • Includes all Copper Membership benefits
  • Obsidian Membership

    Every month
    Perfect plan for networking and building community
    • Receive rewards as a member of the MK Loyalty Program
    • Regular discounts on online courses and live webinars
    • Access to on-demand videos and webinar recordings
    • Includes all Copper and Quartz Membership benefits
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