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9 billion Living Probiotics in Kombucha, Our Top 5 Flavors for Activating Next-Level Immunity


Having a bad day?

Want to have a better day?

Having trouble thinking clearly?

Want to think clearer and improve your memory?

Having trouble accomplishing your goals?

Ready to commit to a New Year’s Resolution and finally lose those extra 10 pounds?

Meet your next favorite beverage: Raw Kombucha

What is Kombucha?

Think of Southern Sweet Tea mixed with Sprite or any type of fruity, fizzy drink.

Don't be fooled, though.

Kombucha is more than a sparkling soda or bag-brewed beverage of black and green tea leaves.

Raw Kombucha is a functional, fermented beverage, a community of bacteria and yeasts that supports gut health, mood regulation and neurocognition.

The secret to this beverage’s capacity to support human physiology, the Body Networks, is through the science of fermentation and the enzymatic activity of microbiomes.

(Click below to read more about Body Networks)

Fermentation is both science and art.

Through its mixing practices and cyclical culture-cultivation processes, it reflects a handcrafted art.